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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Mountain Bike of Flanders – Stage 2

The Kluisbos ride: the Saturday stage in this three-day race remains the highlight for bikers who love technical descents and some tough climbing sections in the forest, with a wide range of exclusive private passages. Nevertheless, we are adjusting the route here and there: last year’s toughest climbs will not be on the route, reducing the difficulty level a bit. Your calves will be grateful at the end of the ride, because for the grand finale the climbs through the Heynsdaele domain and the Scherpenberg Forest are awaiting you towards the finish line near the Hotond Mill.

The run-up to Kluis, over the undulating slopes of the Flemish Ardennes, also got a makeover: the Paterberg remains the best-known headsman of the route, but last year you also got to know its little brother with a meaningful name: the Rampe (‘the disaster’), which moves from Friday to Saturday in our programme. And we have not yet mentioned a classic in our route: the old Oude Kwaremont. They are all twice on the menu for the solo participants, and once for each participant of a duo team.

Location: Flemish Ardennes
Date: Saturday, August 21, 2021
Start: 10:00 AM
Distance: 2 x 40 km
Climbing: 2 x 950 m
Rules: Solo riders have to do two laps. Participants registered as a duo team do one lap each in a relay.
Finish winner: Approx. 1:00 PM
Ceremony: 3:00 PM
Time limit: 5:00 PM
Address: Hotond Sporthotel, Zandstraat 4, 9690 Kluisbergen, Belgium