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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Mountain Bike of Flanders – Stage 2

With a total distance of over 110 kilometers, our Saturday stage is definitely worth the “marathon stage” label. During the two loops, you will venture through a large part of the Flemish Ardennes. You’ll get to open up your legs on the steep flanks of the Rampe (aptly named as ramp means disaster in Dutch!), and a little further on you’ll hopefully avoid the man with the hammer on the climb through the Spijkerbos. After a long off-road section around the picturesque Louise Marie, repeat participants of the Mountain Bike of Flanders will discover a new section of trail on and around Berg Ten Houte, the turning point of the day.

But the highlight of the day is definitely the return to the Kluisbos. In the private ‘playground’ of ‘Monsieur Dokteur’ and on the long climbs on the ridge between the Muziekbos and Hotondberg, you’ll certainly get your mountain bike heart racing. After a last stop at the Hotond Sporthotel, you’ll dive into the private Heynsdaele estate towards Hainaut, from where we start the final part of the stage through the Kluisbos. But who will still have some fuel left in their tank to beat their buddies on the rollercoaster section on these private forest trails? We’ll find out…

Location: Flemish Ardennes
Date: Saturday, August 21, 2021
Start: 10:00 AM
Distance: 2 x 56 km
Climbing: 2 x 1250 m
Rules: Solo riders have to do two laps. Participants registered as a duo team do one lap each in a relay.