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Saturday, August 24, 2019

E-Bike Race











An e-bike competition? Absolutely! We are organizing one of the rounds of the eMTB Challenge 2019, an initiative of the Belgian Motorbike Federation FMB/BMB. By holding a separate competition specifically for electrically assisted mountain bikes, we are among the pioneers in Flanders. This competition takes place on a challenging e-bike course in the Hotond Arena – giant concave terrain in the shadow of the Hotond mill that served as the permanent backdrop for motocross races years ago and is now known as the stomping grounds of the GP Mario De Clercq cyclocross race.

The competition takes place according to the eliminator principle: a time trial of one round determines whether you qualify for the consolation races or if you get to go through to the semi-finals where you can possibly make it to the finals. For participants with a speed pedelec (+25 km/h – unlimited), a 30-minute race is planned for after the time trial. Guaranteed to be a spectacle: short explosive competitions, steep climbs that you would not be able to nail with a normal bicycle, technical cornering and some doable obstacles: we let you pull out the best of both yourself and your e-bike!

Included in your participant package are not only your number plate (which you can keep as a souvenir) and the insurance, but amongst others also a free T-shirt of the trendy brand 100%! The spectators will also be rightly spoiled: we’ve laid out the race in such a way that you can watch all the action from the comforts of our relaxing terrace. In addition, we expect some famous names on the start from the motocross, mountain bike and/or cyclocross world!



Program (subject to change)

17:00: Individual time trial (1 lap), starts every half minute – all participants
17:30: Competition 30 minutes – category +25 km/h – unlimited
18:15: Qualifications (2 laps) – category -25 km/h
19:00: Semi-finals (2 laps) – qualified participants -25 km/h
19:30: Consolation round (3 laps) – participants eliminated in the qualifications -25 km / h
20:00: Small finals (3 laps) – losers of semi-finals -25 km / h
20:30: Finals (3 laps) – winners of semi-finals -25 km / h
21:00: Podium ceremony


Location: Hotond Arena
Date: Saturday, August 24, 2019
Start: 17:00
Categories: 25 km/h and +25 km/h (speed pedelec)